Take off.

Tonight was the launch of the African Women's Sewing Enterprise that I work with, ah wow!

It was such a special evening, and such a celebration. The launch was held at the Green Collective Shop in Yarraville, and the Green Collect team transformed the shop to fit 80+ people, and we had an evening of celebration, sharing, networking, connecting and fun! My job today was to have all the sewing items ready from the women, including sixteen new shopping bag (just fabulous!) and during the launch we all shared amazing food for all the cultures of the sewing group - Ethiopian, Somali and Sudanese.

I loved the night! I loved the opportunity to talk about what we do, and why we do it. I love that this is my job and I especially love the six women I work alongside. I am so very blessed and feel so encouraged... and a very special highlight was spending time with all their kids! Ah, they make my heart sing.

Soon I am going to upload photo's of our reclaimed linen and vintage fabric reversible shopping bags incase any of my friends and family near or far would like to support our project. Each purchase is directly supporting, transforming and equipping local African refugee women and their families in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne.

Amazing day, but now time to snooze...