As it is the end of the month, surely it must be time again to review the progress of growth in our vegie patch!

I have to confess the destruction caused by snails and other creepy crawlies has certainly made me feel out of my depth as a gardener! I have been worried that the little animals will get to eat more than Ben and I will :( I desperately want to have an organic garden and to be able to help these little vegetable to grow, grow, GROW! So, now we have now placed two snail and slug traps - filled with VB - into the vegie patch! I'm hoping that beer trap will the transformation of our munched on leaves and to allow our plants to flourish.

And in order to keep learning, and growing as an urban gardener I will keep reading my wonderful new books! I really want to understand more theory of what makes for a successful vegie patch and get as much practice as I can... because I think it is a skill I could really flourish from, in whatever corner of the globe we might be planted :)