That which I love.

I often think about so many of the things about life that I love.

Ah, true that life is consistently full of potholes and rainy days, but amongst all that are sunny day and smooth paths, rainbows and sunsets! So I try very hard to remember all the richness in life - which can be much too easy to forget when the going gets tough.

And I also think that when I talk about that which I love, I give others a glimpse of who I am and the meaning I find in life. I don't want to isolate myself, or withhold myself, I don't want to keep silent but instead I must raise my voice and share my journey with others - thanks for travelling alongside me, and blessing me richly!

So, a glimpse into my world at the moment... the things on my mind, and that which I love are:

1. My family! I love hearing what my brother is studying; giving my dad a belly laugh; my mum's insightful encouragement; sharing in my sister's amazing design ideas; sharing in my Oma's immense wealth of knowledge about gardening; the fantastic handmade wrapping paper from my nieces; receiving the wool my mother in law has kept especially for me; hearing my father in law's chatter on the mobile phone; receiving flowers from my husband after we have been apart - and that is just a glimpse!

2. Product (RED), the One Campaign, Make Poverty History, the Guardian Weekly & TEAR Australia - just a few of the organisations or campaigns I participate in, and the newspaper I read. I love participating in global issues and learning about the global village I belong to.

3. Wool! I think now it's freezing cold I am loving the chance to make beanies and just have my wool out to play with. I am sure I will keep myself so busy with it all that when the sun decides to come back out and stick around I will be ready to pack it away for hibernation... but not just yet - wool, wool, wool everywhere!

4. My Mac book pro! I just got a new sleek cover for my Mac book, and I've turned it red - I love it, and I think red is fun!

5. Breakfast! For anyone who has stayed with us, or had us around long enough at their house they would know how much we both love a big breakfast. It was such a treat to share a divine breakfast with my sister and nephew. If only we could start the day this way every day :)