Our feet have barely touched the ground after disembarking the plane from East Africa and already we are running to keep up with ourselves. Such an adjustment after having some freedom from schedules and long to-do lists...

But, regardless of how much is happening in my life, I am just blown away by how blessed we are with all the richness in our lives. There are just so many aspects to our lives that put an incredible smile on my face, get my imagination racing, and make my heart sing... from harvesting more than ten kilos of home grown tomatoes in two weeks, to dreaming about what our work could look like in local community development with our church, to beginning to learn how to screen print my own designs at RMIT, to sharing our passion for hospitality with a non-stop array of people, to meeting our brand new niece. Life is rich, and richly rewarding.

So, I think with settling in to our new schedules - choosing how we want to work and study and play and worship - I am so excited about the year ahead. I am sure there will so much more than I ever imagine coming our way, doors opening and closing, lives crossing our paths and sharing our journey, joy and sadness, hope and despair. I thank God that I am taking this journey by faith and for all that he has enabled me to be part of.

One of my favourite parts of this year will be having more time to work from home with my passion for sewing and handcrafts. And, even better is that by being at home I would love you to pop over and to share a Fairtrade coffee with me! Come knock on the door, I am always keen for a coffee and a chat.