Are you an ideas person? Or someone who dreams big?

I think my mind work a million miles an hour. And is fed very much by the books I read, the conversations I have, and that which I see in the world around me.

When travelling on the bus the other day, I was mentally trying to write a list of all the ideas popping into my head to keep up with them all!

I love ideas and dreaming because it keeps me moving ahead. I believe it wouldn't matter where I lived in the world, or what job I did... I think I am just sold out to put my faith, dreams and ideas into action, and to make the most of the journey I'm on - which can happen wherever my feet might be planted! I like to tackle life head on, to be very intentional with my choices and actions, and to make sure I'm heading toward a worthwhile destination.

I fully believe that dreams and ideas are a gift to us from God, and to use that inspiration fills us with purpose and hope! So I think there will be some changes for us,and some new things and some things will be strengthened and some things transformed. What an incredible journey we have travelled over these past four weeks... Though I can't say I'm ready to be back in Australia just yet - But then again, I have lots of ideas and inspiration to put in place when I am there.

Thanks for travelling this journey with me!