We are well and truly gaining momentum on our journey towards being based overseas to work in the field alongside the poorest of the poor, investing in empowering, transforming and loving those in most need in our community. The exact place has not yet been decided but doors are opening and opportunities presenting themselves.

And while we look ahead, we must also make choices now that enable us to be available and ready to go where we are needed. There are lots of level to living a lifestyle in which I am fully acting justly, loving mercy and walking humbly with my God [Micah 6:8]. After our recent time in East Africa I am deeply confronted to be more values based in my personal use and ownership of technology. I love being challenged to change; I love seeing a better way to live; I love working hard to make the most of life.

But, realistically there are some aspect of life in Australia that will take a bit of journey for me to resolve. One key area will be my craft supplies and resources I have collected... realistically I doubt I will get through all these wonderful resources before we depart, but I love each and every piece of fabric and bead and book. So this is the beginning the process of a dialogue with those family & friends who might be in a position to utilise some of my resources and bring them to full life.

I won't be selling or giving anything away just yet, but have a think if you would like to be part of sharing more practically in my journey. It would be perfect if I could turn everything I have into something that can be loved and a blessing to others, but if that is not possible then I long to see my creative treasures in the hands of my family & friends. Feel free to talk with me further about this journey of transfer and to learn more about the journey Ben & I are on. We love community and love to share our journey with you.


  1. Hi Erica - you know you can always talk to the crafty squirrel if you want to part with any of your crafty treasures! Morgan x


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