I am filled with hope and joy from all the wonderful people I have met and connected with while on this journey.

When travelling to East Africa we chose to have a 'low tech' time away - left our computers, smart phones and other technology at home, and brought only a camera and a basic phone which we use occasionally with a local sim-card.

I cannot deny that it was hard at first to adjust to not having my phone - it also serves as my watch, and I felt a bit lost to not have the time at hand any more. But, with so many things to see, to experience and to do I am so glad I have no phone or technology to worry about! By getting out and about to an internet cafe, I have to choose to be intentional online. Also, it has served as a lovely way to get to know people, to support local businesses, to be social and to also limit how much internet we use.

I have loved the freedom of a low tech lifestyle! And I fully intend to make more choices to be low tech at home. I love the chance to step outside of what is familiar to me and to assess and re-evaluate where I am headed and how I want to get there.

My life is incredibly rich, and I am filled with a great hope for the future.


  1. I agree, we rely way to much on technology here. Although I'm sure you're enjoying doing many amazing, new, and exciting things while in Africa, using less technology at home would also force one to think outside the square a bit and enjoy things we don't normally have the time/patience/appreciation for :)


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