Ah, we are back in our homeland... after three flights and two days of travel, phewy! I am not feeling too over-tired but rather feeling a bit overwhelmed by the richness of life here in Australia.

While flying I had the funny experience of rescuing two old ladies from the loos on the plane. On the flight from Addis Ababa to Bangkok I accidentally busted in on one of the ladies in the loo because she hadn't locked the door (whoops!) and then whilst patiently waiting for my turn I could hear her pushing and then pounding the door! So, I come to her rescue by pushing the door in for her from the outside, and to her relief she was out like a shot!

And, then on our flight from Bangkok to Melbourne - what a flight! I swear I have the best seat in the whole of economy class, which was also positioned conveniently close to the loo. So while peacefully enjoying the flight, again I hear pounding on the toilet door. So, I faithfully jump up to rescue another old lady from the challenging folding toilet door!

It was hard not to laugh at these poor, flustered old ladies... but rather it was an excellent analogy for life. These two women were pushing and pushing on the door trying to escape that tiny aeroplane loo - when, all they needed to do was pull the door open! It reminded me that when we want to achieve things in life pushing and pushing isn't always the answer. If pushing doesn't work, then stop and think about changing direction, or taking another approach, or pull instead of push!

Seriously, there is never a dull moment in my life! Thank goodness for world travel and the opportunity to rescue old ladies.