I have been making so many wonderful things lately...

I transformed 15kg of our own harvest of tomatoes into sauce. The recipe is from my mum's family, and I have had it nearly every year or so because my parent's make it - finally I have my own tomatoes, and it's my turn to give sauce back to my parents! My mother is incredibly encouraging and says I have perfected the recipe. Thanks Mum!

We have also been making new garden beds from reclaimed timber in our backyard. Last year my Dad helped us cut down a tree which has opened up the backyard to so much room for development and potential! The three new garden beds are in, filled with seedlings which are already growing strongly. Can't believe we've had a veggie garden for a year - a new season for planting and harvesting, such a lovely image for life and a reminder of how quickly growth occurs.

I am so thankful for my husband's faithfulness in building for, designing, developing and maintaining, our garden. He is incredibly hard working and our garden is a symbol of his creativity, hardwork and faithfulness to our shared vision.

I have also been cutting and sewing, designing and transforming a pile of Fairtrade coffee sacks into delightful shopping bags. Ah, I just seriously am in love with these bags and especially when they are mixed and matched with fabric gathered from all over East Africa! So hard not to get incredibly attached to all of them, but I am happy to make something filled with so much love and passion.

And, a super part of all this making is the opportunity to have a market stall at the upcoming Maribyrnong Makers Market this Saturday. It will be the only one until September so I really, really want to make the most of getting outside, hopefully with some glorious Melbourne weather and a table full of handicrafts I've lovingly made. I will be alongside the women I teach from the African Women's Sewing Enterprise and I am so excited for them and their faithfulness in learning, sewing, recycling, designing, and making! They are such treasures, and if you are about on Saturday I'd love you to come by and meet these delightful ladies.

(Oh, there won't be any of my homemade sauce at the Makers Market, but if you contact me and can come along I can always take you a taster!)