Market place.

I love markets and I had a lovely Saturday at the Maribyrnong Makers Market.

I work well with deadlines and knowing this market was soon approaching was a wonderful thing for my own productivity and purpose, and after this market I was incredibly happy with how much I had prepared for it.

I feel happy selling items that I love, and I don't mind how different I am to others. I am not there just to make a buck, but I love the chance to share and connect. I have decided that I will try out my own Etsy shop this year, it will be nice to be part of a global community of creativity and handicrafts.

For me, a highlight of my handicrafts for the markets are my Souvenir Tea-towel cushions, lined with super soft vintage woollen blankets on the back. Oooh, these cushions are so unique and fun and colourful and they all tell a story! It's so hard not to fall ridiculously in love with all of them. I have made myself only one Tea-towel cushion, which is from an incredible World Vision tea-towel. Lovely indeed.

Sadly I have no more market stalls organised until September, so I will definitely need to seek out new opportunities! If you know of markets or have any fabulous ideas, please let me know. But without more markets, I will continue to put my handcrafts in local shops - such as Green Collective - and begin my Esty store, and I will keep making as we are preparing for Africa 2012, and for a visit to the UK in September. Love these events, opportunities and deadlines to inspire me!