Ah, I am finding settling back in to life here in Australia tough at the moment...

Money has been on my mind since arriving home. Life in Australia can be really expensive. But, I really want to reduce my expenses, so that I am not needing to earn lots of money just for endless expenses. I find it incredibly discouraging paying bill after bill - like mobile phones, power, petrol, car and household essentials - when there are some wonderfully creative things I'd love but are not priorities.

A key part of my journey is learning to live more simply: to know where and how to cut expenses. We have made some lifestyle choices this year which has resulted in limiting the time we are employed by other organisations. Why? Well, because I want to have the time to work on my own projects and small business, and for both of us to be able to be based from our own home more. Plus we want to have more time available for travelling and visiting friends and family, and for time together.

And as I reflect on what simple living really is, to me it is the means of living a rich life without spending riches.

But, the amazing thing is that we have never, ever gone without. Even when we worked with no wage, we found so many creative ways to support ourselves. I am so blessed that we have generous members of our families. I am encouraged and uplifted by supportive friends. Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary and as much as I wish we had money for gifts and dinner, I know in years to come it won't be what we ate for dinner that I remember. What I want to remember is that we celebrated simply and loved richly, and that we made the most of all that we have in our lives.

A life with love, support, joy, adventure, honesty, passion, and extra love, is a rich life indeed!