Ah, I love a good chat.
I especially love a chat that turns into a deep conversations about important topics. And, even better is when I can learn and am challenged while having an amazing conversation.

But, what I think makes great conversations is the combination of diverse lifestyles, the history of life experiences, knowledge and insight regurgitated from books and the world around us, self reflections, questions and challenges, ideas and disagreements.

A good conversation is so much better than writing online... because it is alive, and captivating and you have someone there, in the flesh, to enjoy and engage with. I find it incredible that we have so much technology at hand, and yet still don't really connect with one another.

Life it too short to wait to make a change tomorrow - utilise today! Who knows what tomorrow may bring, so seize the moment right now. Use all that phone credit, or internet allowance you have to actually connect with someone. Go over to someone's house for a cuppa, or go to the effort to send a letter to someone you love in the post.

Be ready to engage in a great conversation; they are more valuable than gold.
And can change your life. Seriously.