One of my favourite things about East Africa, and particularly Kenya, is the incredibly striking Masai people.
The first time we visited and lived in Kenya we met local Masai warriors, and often stood in the street shaking hands and exchanging greetings - I think they were as fascinated with us as we were with them! And even more amazing was while on our safari in Tanzania we were able to go in and explore a Masai village and learn more about the culture and traditions from a young Masai warrior. Here is Ben and the local Masai warriors staying in the town near where we lived:

I find there something incredibly captivating and intoxicating with the intricate beaded jewellery of the Masai. Not only is is amazingly detailed, but it is striking in colour, bold and eye-catching, and it is a cultural and historic statement. Last month while in East Africa I really wanted to buy some of the Masai earrings, but most importantly I really wanted to buy them from a Masai woman directly. As with any souvenir in any country, the Masai jewellery can be sold by everyone but the Masai! A significant moment of our time was meeting an old Masai Mama in Nairobi central market, her name is Alice. We sat and spoke with her, exchanged greetings, smiled lots due to lack of common language but also bought a beaded leather cuff from her - and she patted her stomach letting us know that our purchase has enabled her to eat. Wow. So, we bought a necklace as well and then a pair of earrings too! Ah, her smile was fabulous and it was a joy for us to support and encourage her.

Such an incredible moment, of connecting and sharing. I felt amazingly blessed and now cherish my jewellery made by her hand. Love that she dressed me up as a Masai woman!


  1. Thanks for the insight & reflection of the Masai connections you've had, which has been portrayed very well. I love how you capture life's precious moments & share them with others, thanks.


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