I find it odd that I am on the brink of having an addiction to making cushions, and yet on my couch there is currently only one. 

Just one! Wow, that is ridiculous. 

But it does leave a lot of room for making some more. The one I have is made from an upcycled World Vision Tea Towel and backed with a panel from a woollen blanket. I love it. Now I think I'd like to make myself some cushions with coffee sack panels combined with vintage woollen blanket pieces, or maybe more Souvenir Tea Towel cushions, or perhaps more airline blanket pillows, or my own screen printed fabric, or cushions made from my African wax print - oh so many possibilities - unless you'd like to make me a cushion to befriend my current one, and I promise to give it pride of place on my couch!

My project for knit class is a cushion cover based around the theme of 'Eco Foraging'. I loved the challenge of making a circular cover on the knitting machine, and have woven in small offcuts of wool onto a chocolate cotton knitted cover. I will add photo's when it's completed! A rewarding end to a worthwhile 8 week intensive course - but for now I will be kept busy finalising my technical file to submit next week.