Oooh, there really is nothing better than completing a project! Here is my design for my machine knitting class, of which the project brief was to design either a scarf or cushion cover, using a minimum of three knitting techniques - my theme is ECO foraging, and all yarns woven in on the front are offcuts from my beanies. The yarn of the body of the cushion is cotton. 

I love it!

Cushion front

Cushion back

Detail of the weave

Side view, nice and plump!

Perhaps I might keep it on the couch. So, when you come over to say Hi you can sit with it while I make you a cuppa!

Love the moments of taking an idea from my mind, and making it with my hands, and my eyes being pleased with the results.


  1. very colourful!! is it a round chair cover? ~ KylieP.


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