There are moments when I feel a huge smile come across my face, and I feel like my heart might explode with happiness.

There are also moments when I feel like it doesn't matter how hard I try and how much I work, I never seem to make an impact on my To Do list.

But right now I am thinking of how these two feelings relate to each other. I am so thankful for the time when I am really working hard to keep on track. I don't mind a bit of pressure because it pushes me and I have to be wise with my time, prioritise my schedule, and in the end achieve my goals. I feel like the best rewards come when you've worked hard for them.

At the moment I'm right in the middle of my final semester of study in Textile Design & Development. My workload is demanding, and my homework is incredibly time consuming. My schedule is really full with day and night classes, and I really want to go to an event next Tuesday night, One Just World. Firstly I got myself totally ahead of myself and thought it was on tonight, but I realised just in time that I'd got my dates confused! But without missing a beat I headed off faithfully to my night class. And, the reward of turning up tonight was that I got through heaps of work and with a bit of homework I am not required to go to class next week! I am now free to go to this event, am I'm keeping up strongly with my study. What a great reward.

Another example of feeling rewarded is from the faithfulness is sticking with a dream. I have been investing in my Etsy shop for the past few months, and I am so excited to see it gaining momentum. It's really rewarding to move forward, carefully step by step. Every sale is an encouragement! I am celebrating the opportunity to express my creativity, I am thankful for the support and investment of others in my handmade items, and I love that I am achieving my goals.

Harvesting beetroot for dinner!

And another reward is harvesting our own vegetables that we have worked hard to grow and care for! But even more rewarding is sharing what we have with others. Today one of the women that I sew with gave me a burner for Somali uunsi (incense). It's really lovely, and later she told me it's very special to her because it is from her homeland of Djibouti. Wow. 

I felt very humbled and wanted to reassure her that she didn't have to give me something so special. She told me that with her faith she believes it's right to give away something special, because she what value is there in giving something lacking meaning to you. I will cherish this gift and I feel blessed. A reward from working together, and building relationships.

Lovely to celebrate the rewarding moments in life today!


  1. Such a lovely post Erica, it has really brightened my day to read about your journey. I feel blessed to know you xx


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