I love hearing about creative projects that show how creativity and industry can change lives.

Let me introduce you to MEND Bags. Have you heard of the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA)? They have terrorized people in Northern Uganda, and in the surrounding regions. MEND Bags is helping to restore lives  and dignity of women who have been abducted by the LRA; to empower and enable, to encourage and inspire.

And, let me introduce you to One Mango Tree. They are also working in East Africa to help change lives of vulnerable women through design and Fairtrade.  Their focus is also in the war torn region of Northern Uganda. I love how creativity is so beautiful, so practical, so important.

And SEW bags, made by HIV+ women in Tanzania are another fantastic development project that is helping to change lives. These bags are made from upcycled African flour bags, with jute and features of the African wax print. I have loved seeing these bags around Melbourne, and being reminded of how many people care about investing in a bag with a story of hope and transformation of lives.

And another inspiration locally, sourcing goods globally is Sankofa.  Based in Gertrude Street, Melbourne, Sankofa is filled with quality handmade ethically traded products from throughout Africa, and from other corners of the globe. I love going in this shop, I feel like I am participating in the global network of creative souls.

I am passionate about Africa, about the transformation of lives, about the role of cottage industries in community development, and the intersection of creativity with sustainability and empowerment.

I am SO inspired, and thankful for those who work to enable creative expression to change lives.