Last week I was visiting in Tasmania, when all of a sudden my laptop stopped working... just as I was working on my design for my assessment piece for my textiles study. Oh no!

And due to being in transit, I waited until I got back home to Melbourne to get it looked at. Fortunately there is a Mac shop a few doors down from where I work and I know the guys who run the business.

So, the terribly sad news was that my data was unrecoverable - and no, I had no back-up. Yep, I could-of, should-of, meant-to, planned-to back it up but I just hadn't prioritised it. And I felt very disappointed for the loss, but as I've processed it I now can feel OK about it. Ok because it's not the end of the world... my mum mentioned that she has two photo's from her childhood, and I take ooodles of photo's every week. And I remember that we have reality of a whole different way of life today. There was just so much 'stuff' on my laptop, and much of it I probably would have never used again.

Capturing the moment together, Sandy Bay beach

The loss of a photo doesn't take away from my memories, the loss of a document means I need to rework it but that enables my creative expression and the chance to update and renew my work.  I know that I will work hard to not loose my data again but I thank God for all that I am blessed with. I am glad it was only data I lost, and not something much more valuable. I was blessed by the help and support of the guys in the Mac shop who took such great care of me.

And, it's so nice to blog again from my lovely laptop - Welcome home!