Simple life.

Ah, a lovely part of going away is the joy of coming home and seeing the growth in our garden! Growth is a wonderful thing - it makes all that hard work worthwhile! 

This year has been incredible for us as we learn how to grown our own food. I am thankful for the opportunity to learn and try, and am reminded that I do it because I want to and not because I need it to survive from.

Why do we have so much here in Australia? - and we throw so much away. We buy and buy and buy more 'stuff''. It's crazy, and I've seen firsthand the tonnes of clothing and household goods we discard.  We eat and eat and eat until we are overweight and sick. We have the best education in the world, we have wealth, we have access to health care, we have an incredible environment and amazing resources - And we are not the happiest and most satisfied people on the planet.

What will make us happy & satisfied?

For me, I want to live, and love, the simple life with faith, hope & love.