Well, my husband Ben has been away on a field visit to Kenya with TEAR Australia for the past 10 days and what an adventure he has had so far - soon on their way to Zambia, and 15 days to go!

I love that while he is away we can communicate via text messages and skype phone calls (and very occasionally the internet!). I feel like I am travelling alongside him, and sharing in his world - just as he is sharing in my world back here in Melbourne!

My request while he is on his travels it to bring me home some of the local fabrics! When we were in Kenya last year for 3 months, I bought as much fabric as I could squeeze into my pack to bring home. I love the vibrancy and beauty of the fabrics, and especially love the women in their beautiful outfits.

Ben visited a Women's Empowerment Group attached to one of the Ugunja Community Resource Centre's (UCRC) Community Learning Resource Centre. Ben & I volunteered for 3 months last year with the UCRC - it is in Western Kenya, close to the Ugandan border. The woman weaving this basket also is the maker of a basket Ben is bringing home for me! The women sell their handmade wares at the local markets to earn income for themselves and their families. So special to have a bag with a story - helping to change the lives of women who are working hard, and are so creative!

Thanks Ben! Safe travels and looking forward to hearing more of your journey!


  1. Wow, this is a powerful story & I think you have captured it well. I value the journey we are sharing together & look forward to bringing the basket home.


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