I love seizing the moment, especially if it means an adventure!

As my husband is away I have set the goal of accepting every invitation I possibly can during this 3 and half week time-frame! And so far this has meant: 3 dinners out, 2 guests staying over, hearing Ron Sider speak at a 'Surrender' event, seeing 2 live bands, a weekend in Sydney, lunch with a friend, hosting a church lunch, a ballooning gig, movies with a school friend, and lots of emails and phone call communication.

And, I have loved it!

The past 3 weeks have been extraordinary. Though I miss Ben, I feel excited for his opportunities, and also for my own. I have loved the chance to strengthen friendships with my wider networks, to enjoy my own company, to sew & create, and to travel.

On the other goals, the book has been going far too slowly due to my excessive craft-ing and sewing. My goal for walking has been constant, recipes not adventurous enough, gardening know-how is slowly improving. But the best has been making bags from Fair Trade Coffee sacks! I have achieved my goal and have made more than 20, and have even made a little information card for it :)