I love sharing my life with others!

After spending time in India and Kenya, I loved when we went out and about we would meet up with our neighbours and share in our community. I especially loved all the street traders selling their wares! Life is so rich when shared with others.

Tonight I had one of the women from the African Women's Sewing Enterprise come to my house to learn how to make her own Somalian dresses (Diriic) for weddings and special occasions. The clothing is wonderfully straight forward and I am excited to be able to support my friend to expand her skills. I also love that she wants to learn, and to share her world with me.

This is community! Sharing our skills and needs with one another, visiting each other's houses and knowing about each other, sharing our cultural heritage and our values and ideas, putting ourselves in a position of being vulnerable, and loving our neighbour as we love ourselves. Knowing each other though work is worthwhile, but becoming neighbours is enriching.

It's amazing the doors that God opens for us! Like the other night I went out to see a friend's band in Smith Street by myself, and I met a lovely girl who was also there by herself to see the same band. We chatted for ages, had lots in common and I came away feeling enriched!

So far I have been saying yes to every offer I have received while Ben has been away - and it has been great! It takes time and energy to share with others and to participate in community but it is extremely rewarding. I love community, I am thankful for my neighbours, I am so blessed.