I am just in love with making cushions at the moment!

Here is a collage of just some of the cushions I have made lately! I have a million ideas of cushions that I would love to make. I have so many different fabrics I want to work with, and I want to make cushions big and small!

In fact, while my lovely husband is away I have managed to unintentionally fill up the couch that he usually sits on with all my newly made cushions! Friends came over today and hesitated about sitting on the couch because of how full it was - whoops! Too much cushion-y goodness in one place.

I love working with old woollen blankets - they are so soft and cosy, but yet vibrant in colour and just look fabulous with big wooden buttons. And there is something fabulously familiar about working these lovely old blankets.

There are other wonderful projects I am working on, which I will share on my blog in the coming week. Life is busy, but so full of that which I love. I have much to share about!