Ah, I think I need to take a moment out from my sewing frenzy so that I can share about it!

So, I have had this idea of sewing with Fair Trade Coffee sacks. After finding a source of Fair Trade sacks here in Melbourne, an amazing idea was sparked! The idea has been turning over and over in my mind as I refined exactly what I wanted to make. And then when school holidays arrived I finally felt ready to embark on designing my bags!

To me these bags have great meaning - I am making them as a fundraiser for Ben's visit to Africa with TEAR Australia this month. Oh, there is so much I want to say about Ben's trip to Kenya and Zambia, and about our lives and our journey as we follow our dreams and put our faith in action... but there is much to say, so it will take time to share.

I am working on making a range of Fair Trade Coffee Sack bags - in all shapes and sizes. Each one carrying an incredible story with each unique coffee sack, and our story overlaid. Plus each bag will also fundraise for the nine partners from Kenya and Zambia that Ben will be visiting. Ben volunteers at TEAR, in the International Project's Team, two days a week. He will be in Africa for 3 and a half weeks, departing this Sunday. I will share more about the bags I am working on; your opportunity to share in our world, to support our journey and to participate in the story which is unfolding.

We are travelling an incredibly special journey. We are so blessed!