Ah, the best thing about online shopping with Etsy is getting the parcel in the mail! I love it.

The first time I purchased buttons from Etsy, the parcel got to me from Singapore quicker than a parcel can get to me from Tasmania! Wowee, impressive!
But this time the parcel seemed to take a long time - a lot longer than the first time. And then on Saturday Ben was outside in the garden and found the letter from the post office telling me I had missed the delivery of an International item requiring a signature. Well, thank goodness he found that little letter so I knew to go and get my parcel - it was here waiting for me all along, for four days already it has sat patiently for me at the post office up the street.

Ah, buttons! I bought these buttons especially for cushions - I've really wanted to make some sets of cushions with lovely matching wooden buttons. So, I am very excited about this arrival of such fabulous buttons. I never used to get excited about buttons... beads have been my absolute passion - but now I am sewing a lot more, I am loving having beautiful buttons to work with. Ah, delightful.