A glimpse of my morning.

Found a party shop yesterday that had exactly what I needed to restock my balloons - yeah!
And today I have been preparing my balloons for the upcoming opportunities Ben & I have with performances and busking while in Tasmania.

Seriously I love how much fun I have when I'm working!
Love the journey I've travelled with ballooning - so glad I chose to pursue it in 2004. Since then I've ballooned in three continents, I have made thousands of kids happy with balloon creations and had heaps of fun learning new designs, teaching and inspiring others, busking and working for private gigs, companies, councils & community organisations.

And, I'm feeling inspired to try a few new designs... I'll let you know what I come up with!


  1. I learnt a new design for a lion and a monkey - and made both today while ballooning today! Simply fabulous :)


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