Life is jam packed at the moment... so here I am, early morning grabbing the chance to stop. And to write.

Ah, What a journey it has been to have our own veggie garden! The most profound thing for me is that I have never thought it would be my garden I was eating from. Sewing my own clothes, yes, or making my own jewellery or homewares, but gardening... phewy, what an adventure!

This is the final harvest from our first crop of vegetables - we've had spinach, silverbeet, snow peas, beetroot, green & red cabbage, broccoli and now onions. Wow. The onions were the last and now the garden bed is nearly empty. Currently empty because we have started new garden beds along the wall for tomatoes (we want to make our own sauce & relish) and because we will be away and I wanted to plant more when we are back. And, as well as our church community eating our tomatoes I think we'll need a house-sitter who will come and tend to, and eat, our tomatoes while we're away!

I think the most rewarding thing I have found about gardening is seeing the growth, enjoying the stages of growth, celebrating by eating our own produce. I still feel like I have a long way to go as I learn more about it all, but I think it's worth sticking at. I'm willing to give it another season or two. Can't wait to try our onions - It's been a long wait!