Book Bags.

I am totally in love with book bags.

I have one that fits my diary and notebook, and one for my magazines. They are just so useful, and beautiful and I love when they are filled with treasures.

And, I have been making different variations of book bags from a range of fabrics.

One version is made from a fairtrade coffee sack, with amazing colourful african or vintage fabric inside. Earthy, rough, yet practical and unique.

Another version I made this week from a souvenir tea-towel with linen lining. Oooh, it has such a lovely feel to it, and the colours are vibrant!

Then, when I was working this week the the African Women's Sewing Enterprise we had fun designing another book bag with the souvenir tea-towel on the outside and the inside panel cut from a men's suit jacket - complete with a pocket! (Tricky to capture in a photo, but here is the outside!)

I could make a million book bags, and find uses for them all too.
Ah, I love creativity and its practical application.