What are you...

Reading... I just got the newest edition of Lonely Planet East Africa, and I simply can't wait to read it and take it travelling with us! I'm about to start 'Half the Sky: Turning oppression into opportunity for Women worldwide'. I'm also really into two magazines at the moment - Inside Out and Peppermint.

Cooking... Lately I haven't felt very motivated to cook anything new or adventurous. I love when Ben cooks for me! He makes the best chicken dishes, awesome steak and melt-in-your-mouth roast potatoes! My long time snack food love is still toasted creamed corn, cheese and bacon.

Supporting... We have a sponsor child with World Vision in Tanzania. His name is Ezekiel. And we actively support the work of TEAR Australia, and particularly my creative enterprises have been supporting TEAR's Lydia's List.

Drinking... I could happily drink one Fairtrade coffee after another all day long! But I try and be a bit more disciplined than that - perhaps just two or three a day! I have been enjoying Tasmanian premium beers whilst in the state. And, I always love rooibos.

Dreaming about... I am really excited about getting back into my textile studies next year. I am dreaming about all the creative projects I can get into and I love the discipline of study to cause me to try new things and to help expand my thinking. I really want to practice dying fabrics with natural dyes, pattern design and screen printing.

Wearing... I am loving wearing my 'ONE' t-shirt that I got because I volunteered for the ONE campaign at the U2 concert in Melbourne. I love it. It has lots of meaning to me and I especially love that it's has been ethically produced in Uganda and fairly traded.

Watching... This week I am going to watch 'Food Inc.' and 'An Inconvenient Truth'. Going to be confronting I'm sure!

Listening to... am listening to 'Jay-Z: the hits collection' a Christmas gift. Am enjoying the chance to listen to more of Jay-Z after seeing him live in concert, twice.

Tweeting... I haven't got into twitter, and I don't think I will. In fact I would much rather simplify my life of so much technology! Bring back the pen and paper, letter writing and the feel of beautiful paper, the look of fine printing and the feel of a good book!

Most looking forward to... A month of exploring in East Africa! And also a month of low tech lifestyle and the chance to dream of what is to come!

Organising... Beginning the slow process of downsizing our house ready for long term living overseas. Before we go I really want to be able to utilise lots of the resources I have - and turn them into beautiful, practical handcrafts and life long treasures.

Persuading friends to... hang out with us at the Taste of Tasmania this week! Ben will be busking as a Living Statue, and we love sharing a meal with friends so it's a great time for quality time together.

Coveting... I went into Snowgum this week and surprising fell in love with heaps of the clothing there (inspired by a Snowgum skirt I got from the op-shop this week.) I could have spent my hard earned cash many times over!

Smelling... Ah, my new Herbal Essence travel sized shampoo. Smells like honeysuckle. Delightful!

And that's me right now!

Questions as inspired by the current edition of 'Inside Out'.