Ah, life is all about seizing the moment!

At the moment I am away from my regular work commitments, and far from my sewing machine and craft supplies... an opportunity to act on something I've been wanting to do sine I got it for a Birthday gift:

I love to learn, and especially learn about tools and skills that empower my creativity and ideas! It's lovely to have time to create, to learn, to practice and to expand what I know. It was fabulous to get CS5 for my Mac earlier this year. It's fun to play and to practice with CS5! And, together with the experience I will get in the next couple of weeks, I am excited about Adobe Creative Suite because I will be learning more skills as part of my Textile degree next semester.

I think 2011 will be a year of steps forward and significant moments - am looking forward to a low tech January while we're away in East Africa. Can't wait to just write in my notebook, enjoy taking pictures of the world around me, and dreaming big with Ben of what the future will hold for us. Love the journey I'm travelling, and especially love learning!


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