Playing along.

Thanks for inviting me to play this 'get to know me' game, Amy!
So, let's see how much you learn about me as I answer these (very specific) questions:

What's the one thing you can't stand?

Ah, road rage. So unnecessary and unpleasant and dehumanising!

If you could go back to your childhood, which cartoon character or TV show would be your favourite?
Childhood seems so long ago, so I'm thinking high school and watching Beverly Hills 90210 again!

What is something you do or have done that would surprise a lot of people?
I used to work in a stockbrokers and financial planners.

Do you believe in ghosts?
Well, I believe in a spiritual realm, but no not ghosts.

When you go to a shop, what's the one thing you can't stop yourself from buying more than one of?
Not exactly that I buy more than one, but whenever I find fairtrade handcrafts from Africa, I really do find them irresistible!

If you could go back and relive one day in your life, what would it be?
Ah, none of them. They were good, but only in context of the future yet to unfold before me!

What is the funniest story you have about your significant other?
Well, he's a funny guy in general. Watching him try and stand on a fit-ball is a good laugh!

What is your proudest moment of being a parent?
I am rephrasing this question to be, What is one thing you love about kids?
Oh, I love their spontaneity! And joy. I think we can get weighed down by life when we're older and we need to savour the joy of life.

If you're keen, play along!
If I could pick friends to play with it would be my lovely friend Emma or my sweet sister Bec!


  1. Yay! How fun!! I've had lots of fun reading all your answers and looking at Emma & Bec's lovely pages too! :-)
    Thanks for playing with me Erica/gorgeous girl/amazing person/fabulous blogger!!


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