Living Statue.

My husband is a creative, fun and inspiring guy.

He makes my life interesting with all the different roles he does. From co-ordinating E-waste collection in Melbourne CBD, to gardening for little old ladies, to volunteering his time for International Development work, to street performance as a living statue.

Have you ever come across a living statue? I think when they give a convincing performance it is just extraordinary to watch! It certainly is an unusual job - not something you can just mention in passing, it takes explaining.

Ben has statued for nine years, during that time he's developed many costumes and characters and taught lots of people how to develop their own character and performance (though, interestingly, even after all this time I have never tried statuing myself!) He busks, work privately for councils, community groups and corporate gigs, and has volunteered his time. His characters include a turquoise Greek god, a dark grey Roman spartan soldier, a blue-silver formal tux and top hat, and a green-gold pirate.

I am so used to seeing Ben dressed as a statue. At times Ben will perform weekly, or even more often when there are festival and big events on. I am so used to everyone looking at Ben when we walk together while he is in costume. I am used to people taking his photo while we take a break together. I have set up Ben to perform hundreds of times... but even after all this time, I still love the heart of living statue - the connection with the crowd. The connection is priceless. I love the effectiveness of communication without speaking - not often do you get that from a busker!

Life is richer when you make the effort to do what you love.


  1. I love your heart & the encouragement behind all the work you do xx


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