A glimpse of just some of the range of the Coffee Sacks from Jasper Coffee: each will be transformed and upcycled back into a practical item, such as a bag, a cushion, a book bag and more!

Do these Coffee Sacks capture your imagination too? I would love to help you make your own handmade item from one. I have ideas on how we can work together, but I will talk more about this in August! Until then, keep your eye out for a new range of floor cushions in Green Collect Yarraville featuring coffee sack panels!


  1. Thanks for sharing these. I can see now that the one that captured my eye in the van photo was the SIGRI sack. I like the leaves and berries part of the design - that was what first caught my eye.
    The tiger is quite striking and not something I would expect to see on a coffee sack!

    I'm keen to hear your ideas...


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