Another thing I treasure in my life is the freedom to travel!

I love getting out and about, enjoying my neighbourhood and braving the elements. 
My bike is light-weight, easy to use, accessible and I love just jumping on it and riding whenever I can.

I do get frightened riding on the road with all the trucks, which means I always try to take the road less travelled.  I think it was so worthwhile getting just the right bike for me - it's totally worth spending the money on something I can use easily and comfortably.

There is a bike track being completed that will take us from Spotswood, all the way to Werribee (more than a 30km path). We rode some of it recently and it was amazing to ride the bike track together because Ben & I could ride side by side and talk (rather than being drowned out by the roar of the traffic). The bike track winds through some amazing industrial areas, and I love the chance to explore somewhere new

I love weekends and the time to adventure and get out and about.
I am blessed with my access to freedom.


  1. Hi erica,

    LOVE the blog :-)
    Just checking you have received emails from the MMM about the Royal Show?



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