That which I love.

Ah, my house is filled with my treasures.  Items collected from my travels, gifts from friends and family, precious pieces rescued from the op-shop and treasures I've made with my own hand.

When people come over to my house, the often comment firstly that we have a lot of stuff (really?!) and secondly that it's very 'us'. It's nice to know our house reflects our loves - when I look around I see books, crafts supplies, African art and crafts, handicrafts, photo's, fabric.

Everything I've gathered has a tale, and I thought I would talk about some of my favourite treasures that I love.

Here is my Nbedele doll from South Africa. I understand she is used traditionally in courtship and ceremony. I haven't been to South Africa, and I got this doll from my local op shop. But, Wow, what a treasure! I love at how she is made, with all the different materials and techniques used. She sits in my kitchen and I am thankful for the hands that made her, and for the people that have learnt and continue to work with traditional techniques.

I cherish the handcrafts of others. I'd love all my things to be treasured handmade items. Ah, love!