I have just entered a new season - my final semester studying Textiles at RMIT.

I love my subjects. And I am so excited by the new skills I'm learning and the opportunity to immerse myself in creativity and training. This semester I'll be studying: drawing & design, computer design, knit & weave, experimental textiles and dyes. WOW!

Ah, but the adjustment of being back in class and no longer on break is tough! This is a huge week of adjustment and I am looking at an extremely full schedule until the beginning of November. But, the best thing about being busy is to be doing something that I love.

I like how the change of the weather with the seasons can be such a great reminder of the seasons in our own lives and just how much we are impacted with changes, opportunities and challenges. I can see times when I am growing and flourishing at an incredible rate, and I can also see when I am challenged and working extremely hard and I'm doing the best I can to just stay on track.

I enjoy the journey of change - just as I watch my garden grow I see its progress and I celebrate it. I feel like that in my own life - I started out studying Textiles and I felt at times out of my depth, inadequate or tired from my big workload, but as I reflect on the past 18 months I can see incredible growth in my skills, technical knowledge and my confidence.  I think it's really important to celebrate our own growth and progress as we enter new seasons - just as spring is a refreshing and encouraging when it arrives after a cold winter!

This picture is a glimpse of my swatch book from Screen Printing last semester. It was based on my 'Tribes' assignment in Colour & Design, I chose 'Fairtrade' as a tribe that I belonged to. I loved screen printing - it was challenging to development my skill and technique but once I got the hang of it I was in my element. The season of screen print has only just begun!

Ecclesiastes 3:1 - 'There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens...'