Soweto Gospel Choir.

I decided to do something really special and go to see the Soweto Gospel Choir live in Melbourne with my friend Kath.  Being a Child Sponsor of World Vision, I was able to buy two tickets for the price of one - Wow! And what a treat to go out to the Palais Theatre in St Kilda, such a beautiful venue.

This night was fun, colourful, creative and energetic! The music and singing was breath-taking - so much heart and soul. And the dancing was amazing! But it was the costumes that had me captivated - incredible design: colourful, flowing and with an amazing South African feel. 

With special guests, The Bala Brothers

I am really committed to supporting the creativity of others - just as so many people invest in me - and I have the value of investing in others. I know the importance of giving the gift of my time, or money or my self. The clothing I choose, the music I listen to, the shoes on my feet, my bag, my jewellery are very obvious examples of that which I support and value. So, if my creative expression of who I am can incorporate the creative spirit of another then I am happy - a living example of my values. And there are other private ways I invest in others - reading books and articles, how I share privately with others, how I give financially. Creativity is certainly worth celebrating!

Ooh, it was hard to go back to church on Sunday, we don't sing (and dance) with quite so much heart and soul! I encourage you to check out The Soweto Gospel Choir either through Youtube or iTunes. I love their collaborations with U2!