I am so in love with our vegetable garden at the moment!
And I can't help but feel really excited about our harvest of cabbages at the moment. Ah, cabbage... not my most favourite vegetable but there is something so much nicer about it being 'ours'. Now whenever we visit the supermarket, we see the vegetable section from a new perspective - particularly freshness.

Tonight Ben is cooking us up a Keen version of Chop Suey with this delicious cabbage, including some most excellent Keen's Curry powder. Ah, should be tasty!

The delicious Keen Chop Suey!

I'd love to do a vegetable swap with anyone who has fresh produce at the moment - on offer would be our silverbeet, cabbage, broccoli & chinese cabbage! Another option would be for you to come over for dinner sometime soon and we cook for you... Can't wait to make a delicious stir-fry with our beautiful snow peas. 


  1. I'd only be able to swap you a few mint leaves, a few small basil leaves and some parsley.
    Would love to come for a yummy Keen grown dinner, but alas a bit far of a trek at the moment.

  2. Yum! We haven't really developed our herb garden - so it would be a lovely swap. Yes, I wish you were closer, cause it would be fun to hang out more. Every Sunday morning I hear the steam train from our place and I think of you guys :)


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