Bridging the divide.

Constantly I am reminded that I am free.

I am free to travel and to explore. Being an Australian helps me cross borders and provides me often with respect and safety.

Yesterday as we walked into a richer part of Kampala, I am reminded that we are free to enter behind the large fences and into the fancier shopping centres. And that is such a defining reminder for me of the difference between the rich and the poor.

I can go to the beggers on the street, and give them money or food if I want to. And I can go to the supermarket or the cinemas or to a restaurant or to a hospital if I want to. I find it confronting that I have the capacity to bridge the divide between the rich and the poor, but yet I am so aware of my freedom. And of my freedom mindset. The poor cannot just walk wherever they wish, they cannot just take taxis or buses, they must think about how they spend their money and prioritise their purchases.

I am humbled as I work alongside those who have much less than me. I am inspired by those filled with great joy and much laughter, despite their circumstances. I am encouraged when I am able to bridge gaps that could divide me with my brothers and sisters. I love those who share their faith with me, I love that we believe in the same good God. And I have hope for a richly fulfilling and rewarding future.

And I will continue to work to live a life that bridges the divide, that work to be a blessing to others, and to see God's kingdom come on Earth as it is in Heaven.