My thoughts about what I might get up to in 2011:

1. Making skirts. Oh, I just love skirts and I love fabric and this year I am going to be actively combining these two passions.

2. Drawing. I want to be able to put my ideas on paper, and I need to practice drawing.

3. Meat. I need to choose to eat less meat. I know that a choice like this is super important and needs to be a priority. We have a wonderful Oxfam Vegetarian cookbook that I am sure will tempt us to make a sustainable change with such wonderful recipes!

4. Making my dream of my own business a reality.

5. Softies. Oh, I would love to turn some of my balloon creations into my own softie designs! Eeek, this is very exciting :)


  1. I love your goals Erica - can't wait to see your skills develop even more & you accomplish things you never thought of or dreamt you could do, & crazy amazing ideas popping in your head & a business opportunity coming about! You can do it!


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