A highlight of arriving back home from our holiday, is seeing the growth in our garden! It's amazing how much transformation can happen in just two weeks. Wow.

We just had to go and see the growth and change straight away and promptly got into tying up the tomatoes to the stakes, and were just overwhelmed by how much fruit we now have on our plum trees!

All our garden seems to need is a bit of love, some water and constant visits and it just thrives! I feel greatly encouraged. I want our veggie garden to be practical and valuable, not just a hobby or a failure.

Thanks to our worm farm, we have oodles of wonderful worm juice for fertiliser. I love how the whole system works together - worms eat our veggie scraps, fertilise our garden which enables us to grow lovely vegetables - of which the scraps are destined to become worm food!

We have planted more seedlings today. I love the process of planting and tending to our garden, laying the mulch and watering the garden. I am so amazed by how much I enjoy it. The best part is sharing it with Ben. I love being outside together, working side by side to make our dreams a reality and our garden an amazing place to be. Love it!