Self Sufficient.

I love being self sufficient and being able to make my own clothes! And grow my own veggies, and use my bicycle for transport, and make bags and cushions from reclaimed materials and make my own cards and jewellery.

This year I am determined to make my own clothes from the precious and awesome fabric I have collected. One week in to the new year and I've completed my first item of clothing - a wrap-around skirt, made from fabric my husband brought back from Kitale, Kenya, for me.

Even though I sew nearly every day, there is still much to learn and more skills to develop. I like the challenge of sewing new and different projects. And I also love the challenge of working out how to recreate an item of clothing I love and how to put my own new version together.

I am super keen to do a short class to refine my skills for making my own t-shirts! I'd also love to make my own shirts. Oh, and hoodies. And I would especially love to be able to decorate these items of clothing I make with embroidery and screen printing. Oh, even stopping and thinking about it is inspiring me. Exciting!

The next skirt I want to complete tomorrow is from fabric from Eldoret, Kenya, which was a gift from ACK (Anglican Church of Kenya) for Ben's visit to their community development project. Love that they gave him fabric! The skirt I'm modelling my new ones off has been a long time favourite that we bought when in Thailand in 2004, and I'd be happy to have 3 or 4 of the design in a range of my bold and colourful East African fabric.

Completing a skirt - what a wonderful way to end the day!

(Skirt is currently in the washing machine to remove the wax, photo's to come tomorrow)