What do you see when you look at yourself in the mirror?

Do you see all your faults?
All your imperfections?
Maybe all the things about yourself that you'd like to change.

I realised my tendency is to look at myself critically in the mirror. It's like a habit; an immediate reaction. I think in life it is much easier to pick faults - in ourselves, in others, in whatever we're involved in. But finding faults is more-ish, it's destructive and it's not uplifting or life-giving. It causes us to see so many faults that we can lose sight of that which is good and worthy of celebration. We can begin to hate our own reflection.

May the reflection you see in the mirror be of all that you are which is worthy to be celebrated. And the eyes you view the world around you, to see the gems amongst the rubble.

Another lovely way to reflect is to celebrate the great things you have done recently. This week I celebrate that which I have written over the past year - a wonderful glimpse of the richness of my life. So important to reflect with a vision of richness, not only of faults.