I really hate saying Goodbye.

Today we said goodbye to Kigali, Rwanda and to be honest I feel quite sad about leaving. There were two people who were really sad to see us go - those that we had made friends with: the tailor that sewed my skirts, and Alex the waiter that served us each night for dinner.

I think I would be happy to always be able to say 'See you soon!' or just to make a plan for the next time we will be together. If I do have to say goodbye, I like it to be short and sweet otherwise it makes me too sad. Whether it is saying goodbye to my family in Tasmania, departing my home country or even saying goodbye to Ben when we are apart, it always makes me feel terribly sad.

I think this reminds me just how much I value relationships, and being together in community. Being together with those that I love is life at its best!

See you soon my friends in Rwanda! Let's hope God reunites our paths again one day - and if not, may we enjoy sweet memories of good times together!


  1. Well said! Glad to hear you're meeting some great people on your adventure and creating precious memories. Love you both, looking forward to talking soon :)


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