Today we visited the Rwandan Genocide Memorial Centre in Kigali.

What a deeply moving and traumatizing experience.
Such a tragedy that we need to see and remember the terrible things human beings have done to one another. How could we have stood by while this atrocity occurred?
Though we cannot change the past, we can be empowered to make significant choices of love and respect for the future.

When there is injustice, it is the responsibility of all of us to act for justice.
When there is hatred, it is the calling of all of us to act with love.

Who is your brother and your sister?
It is more than just your immediate family, but those far and wide - we are all one family. Today I bought fabric here in Kigali - from the Democratic Republic of Congo, wow - and a Rwandan woman after me showed interest in the same fabric. I told her it was an excellent choice, and that we would be sisters with the same clothing! How true this is - whether it is faith, common interest, or our shared humanity - we are one, and we need each other.

Remember to love, to encourage, to share, to hope, to care, to support, to live a life of love for one another. Remember - we are family.


  1. I think this is a great reflection on celebrating life & what we can do for the future. Great story about the Congolese fabric & the example this is of sharing our humanity :)


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