I find there is something powerful about traveling when it turns your world-view upside down.

To become the minority; to be in an unfamiliar culture; to be reminded that my life experience is not the norm; and to meet a new and different land and its peoples is incredible. Travel enables me to look upon my own experience of life with new eyes.

So, here I find myself in Kigali Rwanda.
This is what I love about being in East Africa - the people on the street: walking, selling, cooking, loitering. I love the surroundings: Rwanda is so lush and green, the land of a thousand hills. I love the vibrancy of the fabric the women wear. I love the food, particularly the local fish and the local coffee. I love the chance to open my eyes to see more of the diverse world God has created. I love taking this journey with Ben.

There is much to say of the experiences associated with travel. And I am sure my stories will unfold here with time. Until then, I am off to explore and experience Kigali!