There is something beautiful about that which you love.

I want to celebrate the journey that I am on, and in particular to celebrate those who are loved by me, and I by them.

When you are far from home, it gives good reason to reflect on one's own priorities and that which is missed and cherished. There are many things I think I love, but when separated from them it is not those items I think about but rather the precious souls in my life that give warmth to my heart.

I particularly wish to celebrate the journey I am on with my soul mate. I love to travel with him because I enjoy his companionship, and I love to dialogue and dream together about things big and small. With him, I would give up a household full of things, riches or stuff that I do, just to enjoy our time together. I would much rather the incredible love that flows from companionship, than chase earthly things that will never love me back. Our journey here in East Africa is just another form of the journey we are taking in life. My life is enriched by us being together.

And, there are so many people that I love, and so many people I don't see that I think about often. And the best thing is that I could write a long list of that which I love about each of these people.

I think the more I see of the world, and the older I get, I am constantly reminded that life is so very precious. Relationships and love are essential to a rich life - with respect, justice, commitment and giving.

Celebrate that which you love, and those that love you.
I believe love truly can change the world.