I have found the biggest challenge and opportunity of working with reclaimed, recycled and upcycled goods is learning to work with what I can find. There are times this is really frustrating, especially when it comes to zippers and buttons! Popping out to the craft shop to get just what I need is fun - a wonderland of crafty goodness - but I am working towards this happening less and less. The greatest challenge I find is staying productive while waiting on locating the right coloured zipper or right sized buttons from a reused source.

The way I approach how I source my supplies is an incredible opportunity to access a wealth of amazing resources waiting to be renewed and loved! But with what I find, I know that many of these fabulous resources might never be utilised by me and rather than just storing them once I've found them in an op-shop, or from an old item of clothing, up I want to pass them on to others who will see them as perfect! I have a very strong conviction to fight my desire to hoard every lovely thing that comes along! I think the world is a sweeter place when we share, support and empower one another with our resources :)

So with all this in mind, at the upcoming Maribyrnong Makers Market on the 15th May, I will have reclaimed & vintage buttons to sell. These will be the buttons I simply see no need for, to make space for finding more buttons that are exactly what I'm wanting to work with. They are all so lovely, but I know they need to go elsewhere, and I will continue the hunt to find the right ones for me and my projects and for the Sewing Project I work with.


  1. I think it's great you're sharing the wonderful discovery of buttons with others & am sure they will find uses for them & an appreciation for reclaimed goods.

  2. I love vintage buttons and I'm sure there will be lots of people at the MMM who will love them too! Good on you for fighting the urge to hoard, that is something I find really difficult.


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