With stories.

I think there is something lovely about creating a treasure. I am making us a new range of cushions for our lounge room, from materials with a story. The red and blue fabric is from a Masai blanket from East Africa (though I picked it up via my local op-shop), and the purple fabric is from a Thai Airways blanket (complete with tag that says it's not for personal possession)... Ah, I love how these stories give deeper value to each item.

And after Birthday-partying this weekend I can now add another cushion made with oodles of love and joy for our fabulous friend, from a classic Men's tweed jacket. Oh, I think the best features of this cushion are the fabulous vintage buttons, and the extremely versatile pockets!


  1. WHAT A GREAT CUSSION IT IS INDEED! The buttons are my favourite part too :) Thank you Erica! xx

  2. Does the thai airway tag say what its made of? i have one and my bf is in love with it so we're trying to find out the material. i took mine when i was about 15 and i was scared by the tag that stated it was not for sale or complimentary so i ripped it off :( really shouldnt have in hindsight!.
    Nice idea to make cushions!


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