I love having big ideas, and finding a way to make them happen.

Well, we have now invested in a vegie patch in our backyard. To me it feels like a very new thing, as I have never really taken an interest in gardening. Ben and I have enjoyed growing herbs and a few vegies in pots... but it's never been anything to actually live off! Mostly because with Uni we went overseas in our holidays we didn't want to invest in a garden and then to leave it.

To be honest I'm not super excited - I think it was a lot of hard work - but I am glad we have invested the time, energy and money in such a worthwhile project. I think it's the waiting for a harvest that I find hard - it feels like it will be forever... but I am sure time will fly and I look forward to seeing our little seedlings flourish!

So, to build up the garden bed we bought some Eco Soil from The Green Centre they also took all the green waste we had accumulated when cleaning up the yard... Ah, I love it!

And now we have a garden bed with spinach, silverbeet, green & red cabbage, onions, broccoli and rhubarb. I am glad we are giving the vegie garden a go, because for me I think it is important that I understand and know more about production of my own food. I invest a lot in hand-made items, and now this is my chance to learn about another important aspect of sustainable living and about the slow food movement. It will certainly be a celebration when we can finally enjoy our own vegies!